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Lagoon Beach

3's Company Conference 2013

4 - 6 October 2013 | Lagoon Beach Hotel, Milnerton, South Africa

“Empowering Pharmacists for the Future”

Our 2013 conference theme "Empowering Pharmacists for the Future" reflects our aim of bringing pharmacists together and empowering them with business tools, clinical skills, networking opportunities and novel ideas.

Pharmacists will play a pivotal role in the future healthcare arena of this country. They are in the best position to promote affordable and accessible primary healthcare, and to shift the focus of the current healthcare model which is based on the treatment of chronic diseases, to a better and more affordable preventative approach. This is essential to address the burgeoning disease burden of this country.

3's Company symbolises the collaboration of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa (APSSA), the Independent Community Pharmacy Association (IPCA) and the South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry (SAAPI). It encompasses a new co-operative spirit between the different segments of the pharmacy profession, bringing with it unity, harmony and strength.

Pharmacists are involved with medicines from the discovery of a new medicinal molecule, through the research, registration, testing, manufacturing, educating of other healthcare professionals and then to dispensing, monitoring and advising the end user, the patient. The three collaborating institutions reflect three separate, yet dependent areas of medicine:

  • APSSA (Academy) – education, research
  • SAAPI – manufacturing, development, registration, marketing
  • ICPA – dispensing, compliance, drug-drug interactions, contraindications, adverse drug reaction reporting and healthcare advice.
Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa

Established in 1979, the Academy caters for the needs of pharmacists and non-pharmacists involved in any sphere of pharmacy. The criteria for membership of the Academy are that members shall through active involvement or through an interest in education, research and development, production, control or marketing of medicines, or community or hospital practice of pharmacy, contribute to the pharmaceutical sciences and technology and the professional practice of pharmacy.

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences will be the premier body of expertise and innovation in pharmaceutical sciences in Africa. It's mission is to advance pharmaceutical sciences to the benefit of the people of Africa by promoting research and education, developing human resource capacity, providing expert opinion and recognising excellence while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Independent Community Pharmacy Association

The ICPA was established after the amalgamation of the former United South African Pharmacies (USAP), the South African Progressive Pharmacy Association (SAPPA) and owners of independent pharmacies formerly not aligned to these groups.

The ICPA's strength undeniably lies in the fact that it represents a membership consisting of arguably the largest pool of professional services in the healthcare sector, with a substantial reach into both urban and rural South Africa.

Over 1 000 pharmacies are represented by the ICPA, with more than 2 500 pharmacists and a further 20 000 supportive healthcare personnel which form part of the independent pharmacy sector.

South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry

The South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry (SAAPI) represents pharmacists and allied professionals who practice in the industry, and provides value to PSSA members who practice in the industry.

We see pharmacists in industry taking responsibility for leading change and being at the cutting edge of all relevant scientific, professional, environmental and political ventures and promoting unity in our profession".

Our objective is to maintain and promote professional standards, responsibilities and interests of pharmacists in industry in order to play an active role in ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of manufactured medicines, as well as in the health care delivery system in SA.